I’m sure most people are in situations where their superior has to show their muscle every once in awhile! The look at you and know what is right and their is no one that will question it. This happened to a friend of mine and asked me for advice. He knew more about the job details than his boss who had been in the position for years. The scary part of that, the boss knew this as well but had to hire my friend because he was the best employee that they came across in a long time.

So, I didn’t give him any advice, I couldn’t. I said your boss is an insecure, narcissistic asshole and always know that in the back of your mind.  It’s always about them and their insecurities. When you work in a mid level job it doesn’t matter. All mid level jobs are the same and the same at every place. Until you figure out what you really want to do you will be stuck in the same shit. Just suck it up! Oh, and to make it worst he showed me their Instagram. Egh! It’s all up close pictures of food and their ugly child. Mind you, most children are cute but this one… yikes