Al_Goldstein (2)

One of my favorite men, that use to be on this planet, Al Goldstein had the perfect sentimentality in regards to people, places and things he disliked. The “Fuck You” segment of his Midnight Blue show and hilarious and offensive editorials from Screw Magazine. I thought I would like to relive this situation as who I thought were A**holes. I’m not a porn site so the up close and personal photos that Al use to use I will refrain from using… for now.

The A**hole of today has to be the overly sensitive “has been” media sources for hospitality in New York City. Please note, I am not speaking of Time Out and Village Voice as they are great sources for entertainment in this amazing city. The reason I say overly sensitive is because as I’ve noticed these late 90’s early 2000’s sources are stuck in a time period where their articles and “Go to Spots” are for guests that want to  go to chain restaurants and tacky bars while they are here in NYC. Mind you, some do but all the people I come across are interested in the neighborhood gems, hard to get in spots and the places where I would go. I would love for all the new boutique hotels to get together and really study their guests behaviors and instead of using these sources but have direct contacts with the spots where these guests want to go. Get rid of the middle man in a sense and deal directly with the vendors.  That direct contact is so much better than reading it out of a tacky magazine that none of the guests wants to read anyhow.