March 26th 2016

Assholes of the day! I’m sure you all have been at the movies and the person in front of you is using their phones all throughout the movie. What do you do? What do you do if you are white guy and the guy is black? This happened this weekend when I saw the Batman/Superman movie. Which wasn’t horrible but it was eh, kind of boring. So not to digress even further. The lights are down and since its opening weekend the place is packed AND here comes, the cell phone lover, late, already on his phone and sits in front of us. The man was on his phone, honestly, every ten minutes throughout the entire 3 hour movie. What do you do in this instance? No way can I say anything because I don’t want to turn it into a black/white argument. What to do?

Best clip ever!


March 23rd 2016

I’m sure most people are in situations where their superior has to show their muscle every once in awhile! The look at you and know what is right and their is no one that will question it. This happened to a friend of mine and asked me for advice. He knew more about the job details than his boss who had been in the position for years. The scary part of that, the boss knew this as well but had to hire my friend because he was the best employee that they came across in a long time.

So, I didn’t give him any advice, I couldn’t. I said your boss is an insecure, narcissistic asshole and always know that in the back of your mind.  It’s always about them and their insecurities. When you work in a mid level job it doesn’t matter. All mid level jobs are the same and the same at every place. Until you figure out what you really want to do you will be stuck in the same shit. Just suck it up! Oh, and to make it worst he showed me their Instagram. Egh! It’s all up close pictures of food and their ugly child. Mind you, most children are cute but this one… yikes
March 15th 2016

Right now in New York City its a cloudy and brisk 52 degrees. It’s almost perfect for a bike ride to work. You don’t get sweaty and the breeze is great! Then all of a sudden an asshole biker pulls up to me with schpants and flip flops. Are you kidding me? Awful. For a safety alone! The best part of it he was trying out “bike” me weaving in and out of traffic. As much as I wanted him to get hit I continued on my way without paying him heed. He’s probably voting for Bernie Sanders anyhow.

March 12th 2016


The Asshole of the Day/Week/This Past Year is Raven Symone. Like I mentioned in prior posts I’ve been an avid viewer of “The View” for years. These past two years have been difficult to watch on a daily basis. Last year with the grating and I hate to say it but not too bright Rosie Perez and this year with Raven Symone. At first I was ok with Raven. She seemed funny and had that little bit of edge then it all started to down shift the past month when she turned into an angry, entitled and dumb brat. The useless weekly hair coloring, the snotty looks she gives to Joy and Paula and the complete useless knowledge of anything political.  I can list and list and list but eh it would take me all day. When she said if a Republican is nominated she will move then technically she can move NOW because a Republican will be nominated like a Democrat will be nominated. What a dodo.
March 9th 2016

I know bicyclists are annoying as well but as one I am very courteous and follow the law in that  regards.

-First Asshole of the day is the shirtless runners that run in the bike lane against traffic! It’s hard not to drive into them as they WILL NOT MOVE. It’s a game of chicken.

-The old women on the Citibike’s. I’m not sexist at all but for some reason they think they can swerve in and out of the bike lane. Making traffic all wonky and dangerous for the rest of us.

-The people in sunglasses who cross when says DON’T! They do not look and get MAD at you when you almost hit them. I wish I wouldn’t get sued because I would love to run into one of them!


March 2nd 2016

I mentioned this in an article a little bit ago about Facebook friends posting anti political ads from websites that are known to fabricate facts. What do you do when you constantly see this? Do you delete them as a friend? How long have you been friends with this person? Is this acquaintance or a legitimate friend? Do you ignore it or will it be in the back of your mind that they think like this and why should you be friends with them if they feel like this?

My only answers to this is be gracious, understand it’s just an opinion, no sass talk and don’t respond with an attitude to win the argument.  If you really don’t like “them” just delete. That simple.


March 1st 2016


What’s going on Vegas????

Las Vegas in Clark County has many health officials concerned as everyone’s silent nightmare, Syphilis has rose 128% since 2012.  615 of the 694 cases include men specifically.  The Sin City is now the proud owner of the Syphilis capital of the West.

Officials think the reasoning for the increase is sex is so easy now that we can get it from our phones. It’s simple as that. Also the condom use is decreasing in younger populations which is even scarier as they think it “can’t ” happen to them. Health officials are now reaching out to the Apps such as Grindr and Tinder to see if they would help aid in stopping further cases.

Stay tuned….


February 29th 2016

512px-Snickers (2)

This has to be the A**hole of the week! Last week I mentioned how New York City was having troubles with slashing’s and stabbing’s amongst it’s population but this one freakin’ takes the cake.

According to the NYPD, some random man shoved a Snickers in the face of another man and then decided that wasn’t enough embarrassment he continued the assault. All this happened right in the middle of Times Square.

The man attacked, Artist Ian Sklarsky said that the attack was unprovoked when all of a sudden a Snickers bar was shoved in his face and mouth. Mr. Sklarsky suffered pain, bruised nose and a cut lip and embarrassment.

The perpetrator has been charged with a misdemeanor assault.

Love it!


February 28th 2016
Another great find. Skimming through Youtube, I found this amazing PSA of Bette Midler talking about crack. Camp at its best!


February 27th 2016

IMG_3865 (2)


I have to say the A**hole of the weekend is Marco Rubio. After watching the debate a few nights ago he looked like a little boy being “naughty” to his father. Throwing a tantrum and trying to act like an adult. I’m not saying I am a supporter of Trump but trying to “act” like Trump with his Trumpism’s seems desperate and a tad tired. As of today Marco was saying Donald wet his pants, mentioned his hair and blah blah blah. This will continue until the convention and God forbid what will happen there. Do you hear me Rubio? I bet you do.



February 23rd 2016

IMG_3864 (2)

The biggest A**hole of today has to be my taxi driver. It’s bad enough the driver is eating falafel and screeching into his wireless headset while driving me but then the worst happens. He makes these sucking slurping sounds through his front teeth with a suck in of snot through his nose into his throat. Argh, it’s awful. Hacking, slurping and the smell and this went on for the entire 25 minute trip. Slurping snotty A**hole!


February 22nd 2016

IMG_3398 (2)


The lovely piece of machinery that we seem not to be able to get away from is now messing with what we need to survive… men’s sperm. Another study came out today saying men who leave their phone in their pants pocket are at risk for killing their tiny guys. They can’t be near your head, near your chest and now near your dick… where the hell are we supposed to carry them? Ankle? That might be fun though. Like an old time western strap.


February 21st 2016



The A**hole’s of the day are those Facebook “friends” who post political hatchet jobs from websites that are known to carry false information. Everyone hates reading them even if they agree with them. Feel the burn you sheep!

February 20th 2016


Al_Goldstein (2)One of my favorite men, that use to be on this planet, Al Goldstein had the perfect sentimentality in regards to people, places and things he disliked. The “Fuck You” segment of his Midnight Blue show and hilarious and offensive editorials from Screw Magazine. I thought I would like to relive this situation as who I thought were A**holes. I’m not a porn site so the up close and personal photos that Al use to use I will refrain from using… for now.

The A**hole of today has to be the overly sensitive “has been” media sources for hospitality in New York City. Please note, I am not speaking of Time Out and Village Voice as they are great sources for entertainment in this amazing city. The reason I say overly sensitive is because as I’ve noticed these late 90’s early 2000’s sources are stuck in a time period where their articles and “Go to Spots” are for guests that want to  go to chain restaurants and tacky bars while they are here in NYC. Mind you, some do but all the people I come across are interested in the neighborhood gems, hard to get in spots and the places where I would go. I would love for all the new boutique hotels to get together and really study their guests behaviors and instead of using these sources but have direct contacts with the spots where these guests want to go. Get rid of the middle man in a sense and deal directly with the vendors.  That direct contact is so much better than reading it out of a tacky magazine that none of the guests wants to read anyhow.