I was recently going through some old emails that were buried deep in my email archive and I found a small list of problems my old hotel went through. I’ve changed names, times and such but the original problem is still the same. Take a look at what our hospitality people go through:

– 10:44 AM Upon C/O guest claimed that his stay was not perfect. He had requested that we place an ice pack in the freezer and at first he was told we don’t have a freezer. After guest insisted someone took his ice pack and placed it in a regular refrigerator not freezer. He felt that he was lied to. Also when inquiring about US Open player practice he was told that for security/safety purposes he cannot attend because guests are not allowed to watch; he then went and found out that he was misinformed. also, stains on the carpet and sofa. Eric to follow up with guest

-08:08 AM Creepy Overnight Manager: Upon check out, Mr. Doobie was inquiring about his transportation to JFK. Bellman went out looking for the car but could not find it. Night Manager called CAR COMPANY looking for the car and was told that the driver picked up the guest from the hotel. Night Manager spoke to Steven with CAR COMPANY and explained to him that the guest was still in the lobby waiting for his car. Car driver took the wrong guest to the airport. Night Manager apologized to the guest. Tried to have a car for them ASAP but nothing available for at least 20 minutes. Guest was in a rush and asked for a taxi. Guest was given the taxi fare as an apology for the mix up. Guest was escorted to the car by the Night Manager and wished him a safe Journey. Guest details sent via email to GRM to follow up.

-09/07/15  A guest approached the desk at 7 a.m. with the name Xinjun Zhang. He was mistakenly checked into the reservation of Xiaodoing Zhang. When Mr. Xiadoing Zhang came to the desk to C/I his reservation was not found. It had been shown as already checked in. Mr. Xinjuning Zhang was checked into Mr. Xiaodoing Zhang’s reservation and there was no other reservation found with the last name Zhang. A new room reservation was made for Mr. Zhang and he was checked in. Amenity cards were corrected for both guests and a bottle of wine was sent to Mr. Xiadoing Zhang’s room with an apology card from GRM.

These comments below were sent to the hotel:

-I have stayed at the hotel 4 times and most recently on my visit it seems the hotels service levels have dropped. My room was constantly not being refilled with water in the minibar, the curtains were broken and I consistently was hearing drilling noise from the spa. It was very disappointing as on every other visit I had a great time.

-Get the staff a little more organised. Our car for the airport came we waited 30 minutes no one told us it had come. Few times we called to ask for things and no one knew when we got down.

-Check in was a concern, no body lotion in room and had to call for it. Carpet was very stained. Condition of room, unfriendly staff members.

-Maybe because I’m Asian they are so rude and impatient when I was asking for help. they serve the rich people with smiles and nicely but to me they just so impatient.

-The only thing what I didn’t like: I asked for a Airport-Transport and they didn’t tell me that a Transfer by taxi is the cheapest way. Instead they recommended me a Limousine Transfer which was four times more expensive!

-Only complaint is very poor initial greeting. No bellman to take luggage from sidewalk and long wait for room. We were told again at 5:30 that our room wasn’t ready after arriving at 3:00. Tipped bellman who took luggage to room $20 and ask for ice. Never came back and never got ice.

Mind you these are the fairly easy complaints. We have much MUCH worse!