March 22nd 2016

I’m sure almost everyone you see use those little bottles of hand sanitizer and I guess now it does more damage than good. Being a concierge I have so many people pass by my desk and chat and use the phone, blah blah blah and I do have it here. I never use it though. The smell makes me nauseous.

Please take a look below at the video that explains it all!

March 19th 2016

For all you traveler’s that are in love with Airbnb keep an eye out at certain places you go. The seven-bedroom, 19th century house with its own swimming pool is located near a forest in the well-off neighborhood of Palaiseau, 12 miles southwest of Paris. It rents for 400 euros ($435) per night.

The French authorities found a woman decomposing body in the garden of an Airbnb the rental.

The corpse was in the forest near the home just covered by a few tree branches.


The owners who went away for the weekend are upset this happened. This is still an ongoing situation.

Maybe it’s still better to stay in a hotel for the meantime!
March 16th 2016

When I read about this I thought they must be joking but it’s real and I hate to say pretty nifty. You’ve all been in that position when you had no money and wanted a little “drink” to bring with you to the movies, concerts or even college and this product will help you out. It’s called the Flask and I believe it is a UK product and its common everyday items you can hide booze into. Who knew what you could use unused tampons. Nifty!

It doesn’t have to be alcohol you use in it. Could be tea, coffee or even water 😉

You can purchase the products here:

*All photos are products of the website above.

hairbrush sunscreen tampon


March 6th 2016
COMPLAINT red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

I love finding old complaints against various employees at hotels. Of course the names and hotel are not mentioned but still the idea is there.

  • In early August Mrs. Highfalutin asked Ms. Whore of Babylon and me to come to Hotel Restaurant for an impromptu “meeting” of sorts. In front of other staff members and we proceeded to head to Hotel Restaurant were small chit chat began only to turn into Mrs. Highfalutin asking about other workers, one by one. I can’t remember fully what was said about every employee except for Mr. Real Deal and that he came across as tired and other concierge members and the internal arguing. I’m not saying I am a saint in this matter. I did discuss that Ms. Mother of 7 and Ms. Sleeping With Every Guest have a different working style than myself and we have to try something different to make it work more cohesively. Ms. Highfalutin at the end of the meeting told us to keep an eye on the staff and tell her immediately if anything was going on because the staff members like to come to me with complaints about management. I would say a day or two after this meeting somehow other staff members heard about what was said and I was confronted. I’m not sure who through (Ms. Whore of Babylon, I believe) and I was put in spot of team member against team member. I, personally believe that made the work environment more stressful as it usually was when Ms. Highfalutin is around.
  • As the hotel was opening I became very close to the bellman and the front desk staff and at points they trusted me with information about managers and other employees making them feel on edge and treating them disrespectfully. It was brought to my attention that Ms. Stinky Feet did not know how to “speak” to the bellmen or the front desk staff and they started to become resentful and I went to Ms. Too Hot to Manage and Ms. Girl Next Door with the information on how the staff was feeling. Somehow, Ms. Highfalutin(which I assumed through Ms. Whore of Babylon) had mentioned to her that the staff was becoming angry with the way Ms. Stinky Feet was treating and speaking to them became irate that I didn’t go to her first. Pointing out that Ms. Girl Next Door and Ms. Too Hot to Manage were not the Hotel Manager and I should come to her personally with what the staff was saying. At that time I did not know that Ms. Stinky Feet was brought in by Ms. Highfalutin.
  • I do remember Ms. Whore of Babylon telling me that she spoke to Ms. Highfalutin about putting her into her new position before Ms. Mother of 7,  6 months were up so she “get rid of her.”

February 29th 2016

I was recently going through some old emails that were buried deep in my email archive and I found a small list of problems my old hotel went through. I’ve changed names, times and such but the original problem is still the same. Take a look at what our hospitality people go through:

– 10:44 AM Upon C/O guest claimed that his stay was not perfect. He had requested that we place an ice pack in the freezer and at first he was told we don’t have a freezer. After guest insisted someone took his ice pack and placed it in a regular refrigerator not freezer. He felt that he was lied to. Also when inquiring about US Open player practice he was told that for security/safety purposes he cannot attend because guests are not allowed to watch; he then went and found out that he was misinformed. also, stains on the carpet and sofa. Tom to follow up with guest

-08:08 AM Creepy Overnight Manager: Upon check out, Mr. Doobie was inquiring about his transportation to JFK. Bellman went out looking for the car but could not find it. Night Manager called CAR COMPANY looking for the car and was told that the driver picked up the guest from the hotel. Night Manager spoke to Steven with CAR COMPANY and explained to him that the guest was still in the lobby waiting for his car. Car driver took the wrong guest to the airport. Night Manager apologized to the guest. Tried to have a car for them ASAP but nothing available for at least 20 minutes. Guest was in a rush and asked for a taxi. Guest was given the taxi fare as an apology for the mix up. Guest was escorted to the car by the Night Manager and wished him a safe Journey. Guest details sent via email to GRM to follow up.

-09/07/15  A guest approached the desk at 7 a.m. with the name Xinjun Zhang. He was mistakenly checked into the reservation of Xiaodoing Zhang. When Mr. Xiadoing Zhang came to the desk to C/I his reservation was not found. It had been shown as already checked in. Mr. Xinjuning Zhang was checked into Mr. Xiaodoing Zhang’s reservation and there was no other reservation found with the last name Zhang. A new room reservation was made for Mr. Zhang and he was checked in. Amenity cards were corrected for both guests and a bottle of wine was sent to Mr. Xiadoing Zhang’s room with an apology card from GRM.

These comments below were sent to the hotel:

-I have stayed at the hotel 4 times and most recently on my visit it seems the hotels service levels have dropped. My room was constantly not being refilled with water in the minibar, the curtains were broken and I consistently was hearing drilling noise from the spa. It was very disappointing as on every other visit I had a great time.

-Get the staff a little more organised. Our car for the airport came we waited 30 minutes no one told us it had come. Few times we called to ask for things and no one knew when we got down.

-Check in was a concern, no body lotion in room and had to call for it. Carpet was very stained. Condition of room, unfriendly staff members.

-Maybe because I’m Asian they are so rude and impatient when I was asking for help. they serve the rich people with smiles and nicely but to me they just so impatient.

-The only thing what I didn’t like: I asked for a Airport-Transport and they didn’t tell me that a Transfer by taxi is the cheapest way. Instead they recommended me a Limousine Transfer which was four times more expensive!

-Only complaint is very poor initial greeting. No bellman to take luggage from sidewalk and long wait for room. We were told again at 5:30 that our room wasn’t ready after arriving at 3:00. Tipped bellman who took luggage to room $20 and ask for ice. Never came back and never got ice.

Mind you these are the fairly easy complaints. We have much MUCH worse!


February 28th 2016


I would have to say one of the best “friends” of the concierge is the bellman or Doorman at the property you work. Some say they would be the enemy as they usually steal the transportation commission you try to book and a lot of the guests think of them as the gatekeepers of the city. I do agree with a majority of that. They are the ones that usually know the undercover parties, are way more down to earth and have great “on the ground” knowledge. As you do your best to know your the area where you are working you can’t know everything and they are the perfect fit to fill the gaps you don’t have.

They are the ones you have a crush on. The one night stand that you can’t take home to mom. The fun!

Keep them on your side.


February 27th 2016

There are a lot of seasoned concierge’s in the world and I ask them what do you do when you have more knowledge then your Chef Concierge? I’m just curious if you stay quiet or does that nagging feeling you want to say something  just come out? Do you want the leadership or just want to come to work to make money. What happens if they are younger or from a another country?  I would love to know everyone’s opinion on this so please send me a private note. Everything you say will be confidential. Once I get enough responses I will write a follow up. Thank you!

February 24th 2016


Nowadays the word “concierge” is mentioned in almost every facet of the work force. You can have a concierge that assist you at Home
Depot, a concierge at a Spa that directs you to the changing room or even a concierge that assists in your daily grocery shopping. The term
now is over used and at this rate will be obsolete in the next ten years. I always get the question from guests as, “Why can’t I just find out the answer on Google?” You can. You can get any answer you want to. The only thing I can give you is experience. It’s all subjective, really. The guest has to believe you are the raddest thing in the book for your recommendation to be considered. You have to play that part. This is your city and you have the best options. If the guest really knows why I send them to certain places they might be a bit disappointed.


February 23rd 2016


Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that the nicest and most respectable guest to ME is the “Southern Male” who likes to go to steakhouses. They fall in the 40-65 year range and have that amazing drawl and oomph. When they are in the lobby of your hotel you will immediately recognize them. Why they are drawn to me, who the hell knows. I’m assuming, it’s my underwhelming upstate swagger. I think a lot of city concierge’s or city folk in general don’t realize that if you show a little less narcissism and less political correctness all your guests would treat you better, in general. That’s very wordy and sacrilegious of me, isn’t it? Oh well. It’s true. Political correctness and narcissism will kills us in NYC.


February 22nd 2016

When a guest enters the 15-10-5 (15 feet eye contact, 10 Smile, 5 Greet) if you are a seasoned concierge you know exactly what they will want, need and their mood. It’s all perception with a tiny bit of judgement. That’s what we do. We assess and make the best choices for you irregardless if you want it or not. We know what you like and then you realize we were right!

February 21st 2016



One concierge tip I can give is be cautious when someone offers you something “free” and says it is a “perk.” No such thing. You are giving a little bit of your soul for the freebie and it’s not really worth. Spend your own money.


February 19th 2016




Who is more important… the concierge or the vendor? Does the vendor need the concierge to promote their product or does the concierge need the vendor to aid the guests? My feelings are quite strong with this and I have to say the concierge is way more important. The vendor NEEDS us to promote their product or eat in their restaurants or go to their shows. Sometimes these vendors, who have been around way too long don’t like to move into the 21st century and think we NEED them way more than we do. We don’t! Trust me! The guests really knows what they want and want us to reconfirm it or not. Sometimes the messenger carries the sword. More on this later.

February 16th 2016



Don’t mind my horrible photography. I get embarrassed when I take pictures while I’m eating, especially at a property like Vandal! I know every annoying Wall Streeter and the woman who fawn are constantly on their phone but I think as I get older it gets even worse.

Anyhow, I “dined” at Vandal. It’s not really dining per se more like eating at a lounge but I have to say the food was pretty stellar. Lets start with the food. In my heart, I’m a fatty and on most occasions I prefer few plates and larger quantities of food. With Vandal it’s the complete opposite and it’s all about sharing those “small” plates.

It’s cool.

Instead of going through every plate (10 or so) I will give the foot note version of my two favorite plates. The “Pressed Hot Pretzel” and the “Heaven Spot Burger.” I know the above picture of a crab in some breadcrumbs isn’t mentioned but trust me that was yumy too. I was enjoying my food I forgot to take a pic of the other two. The pretzel was such an interesting choice and quite reminiscent of a New York pretzel. I think I liked this out of tradition and homage to New York. The burgers were awesome. They are actually sliders but that’s just semantics. Tasty. Juicy. Flavorful. Messy. It’s what they should be.

The atmosphere is exactly what it should be for the area. It’s very slick without being obnoxious. I can’t wait to check it out in the Spring and Summer when their patio is open and you can have a drink as the methadone patients walk by as you are in the Bowery. Leave it to Strategic Group to gentrify the neighborhood!

Overall, I loved it and can’t wait to go back again.