COMPLAINT red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

I love finding old complaints against various employees at hotels. Of course the names and hotel are not mentioned but still the idea is there.

  • In early August Mrs. Highfalutin asked Ms. Whore of Babylon and me to come to Hotel Restaurant for an impromptu “meeting” of sorts. In front of other staff members and we proceeded to head to Hotel Restaurant were small chit chat began only to turn into Mrs. Highfalutin asking about other workers, one by one. I can’t remember fully what was said about every employee except for Mr. Real Deal and that he came across as tired and other concierge members and the internal arguing. I’m not saying I am a saint in this matter. I did discuss that Ms. Mother of 7 and Ms. Sleeping With Every Guest have a different working style than myself and we have to try something different to make it work more cohesively. Ms. Highfalutin at the end of the meeting told us to keep an eye on the staff and tell her immediately if anything was going on because the staff members like to come to me with complaints about management. I would say a day or two after this meeting somehow other staff members heard about what was said and I was confronted. I’m not sure who through (Ms. Whore of Babylon, I believe) and I was put in spot of team member against team member. I, personally believe that made the work environment more stressful as it usually was when Ms. Highfalutin is around.
  • As the hotel was opening I became very close to the bellman and the front desk staff and at points they trusted me with information about managers and other employees making them feel on edge and treating them disrespectfully. It was brought to my attention that Ms. Stinky Feet did not know how to “speak” to the bellmen or the front desk staff and they started to become resentful and I went to Ms. Too Hot to Manage and Ms. Girl Next Door with the information on how the staff was feeling. Somehow, Ms. Highfalutin(which I assumed through Ms. Whore of Babylon) had mentioned to her that the staff was becoming angry with the way Ms. Stinky Feet was treating and speaking to them became irate that I didn’t go to her first. Pointing out that Ms. Girl Next Door and Ms. Too Hot to Manage were not the Hotel Manager and I should come to her personally with what the staff was saying. At that time I did not know that Ms. Stinky Feet was brought in by Ms. Highfalutin.
  • I do remember Ms. Whore of Babylon telling me that she spoke to Ms. Highfalutin about putting her into her new position before Ms. Mother of 7,  6 months were up so she “get rid of her.”