This statistic just came out; Knife crime rose by abut 21% in New York over the last year, and there have been 567 stabbing and slashing incidents since January 1, nearly 100 more incidents than during the same time period in 2015.

Why are these slashing’s happening in the City?

I believe the incidents are symptoms of  a massive homeless population, that everyone seemed to forget about in the past ten years. Now, they are starting to take notice. I would say most  have some sort of mental illness and carry weapons to defend themselves on the street. That’s why the attacks are so random. Another interesting thing is to take a look into the housing projects in the Bronx and Brooklyn. With kids and teens completely unsupervised and rampant criminal activity all around this can not be a  positive prospect.

Erecting a high rise in the area will not fix any problem.

The amazing NYPD needs to put many more plainclothes officers in the subway system so they can keep an eye out for this type of crime. If the Mayor doesn’t get a hold of this fast these random acts will get more prevalent in Manhattan and start effecting tourism in the city.

Then we shall see what happens