April 5th 2016

I just love this photo and I’m wondering what Hillary is thinking. How can this photo help her campaign? I love it!

April 2nd 2016

Again, Hillary is getting attacked at every side. The email crap, Greenpeace Activist getting into her face, attacks from Republicans and I can continue but it would take all day. Like I mentioned before, Hillary does her best when she is put into a corner and has to fight back. As unfair as it seems the populace likes to see her as an underdog and struggle to get to the top of whatever she does. Bernie is just whatever.

I’ll keep the hope! #Imwithher!

March 30th 2016

I accidentally came across this website and I fell in love with their commentary and political knowledge. It’s called www.fivethirtyeight.com. They wrote a great article in regards to what Bernie Sanders needs to cinch the nomination away from Hillary Clinton. Like I mentioned before it’s very rare you see any positive article on Hillary. It’s negative from the start and it gets frustrating seeing it constantly even though she has over 2 million more votes than Sanders. Heres the article below! It’s great!

March 27th 2016

I recently read an interesting article from Vox that states how much we will be paying under each of the presidential candidates. Check it out with the link below. I know I do not want to live under a Bernie Sanders presidency, I will be paying $5000 more a year so the handouts will continue and the government will watch us more!

Please Hillary voters turn out in Wisconsin she needs to pull a great win oh and also in my home state of NY!

March 23rd 2016


(Marc Nozell)

I’m not sure how this man will actually enforce this but some Colorado landlord refuses to rent to individuals who will vote for Donald Trump. You might think this is illegal but according to the Fair Housing Act it does not actually cover discrimination based on political affiliation. LOL!


Too see the whole article see below:

March 21st 2016

I thought today would be fun as to put up some of my favorite Youtube videos! There are tons of great Hillary videos but I like this one. After hours of testimony Hillary needed a moment of brevity. Some didn’t like it!

March 20th 2016

Mr. 80’s heartthrob Scott Baio has just endorsed Donald Trump! For all you millennials, Mr. Baio was the 80’s actor is such TV classics such as Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge. Personally, I liked him in Zapped. A crazy sex crazed movie in the early 80’s that focused on Mr. Baio getting “exposed” to chemicals and becoming telekinetic. The hilarity ensues and breasts pop up, etc!

Scott mentions that Trump speaks to him in what he says and that, ” He speaks like I speak.” Hmm…

Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

Not to mention he hopes that Trump relentlessly attacks Hillary. Sounds like someone that hasn’t been laid in awhile!

March 16th 2016



I have to say congrats to Hillary Clinton on last night’s 3rd Super Tuesday Primaries. Like I mentioned in prior posts, she never gets a fair shake when it comes to getting her message out and pulling in the votes. I’ve seen such hatred and sexist remarks in regards to her and it’s pretty shocking. A majority of them on Facebook by people I thought where quit willing to hear different perspectives but as usual they disappoint. Keep it up Hillary!


March 13th 2016
Hillary_Clinton_by_Gage_Skidmore (2)

( Gage Skidmore)

I love news. I try and read as much as I can from various formats on the the internet and even on television when I get some time. I’ve noticed that 90% of the coverage when Hillary Clinton is mentioned is negative. When I hear the media is in Hillary’s pocket I ask… really? I don’t see it. This woman gets attacked EVERYDAY! On every network. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Drudgereport, Salon, Forbes, Washington Post, New York Times and the list continues to eternity.

If she doesn’t win the Democratic nomination I want you to watch the spotlight AND  I guarantee it will turn positive for her. Hmm. To me, it shows you the higher ups are sexist.

For the Hillary Supporters here are a few polls before the upcoming primaries on the 15th of March! Lets hope she wins these and the polls are right this time!

Florida Democratic Presidential Primary NBC/WSJ/Marist Clinton 61, Sanders 34                                     Clinton +27
Florida Democratic Presidential Primary CBS News/YouGov Clinton 62, Sanders 34                                   Clinton +28
Ohio Democratic Presidential Primary NBC/WSJ/Marist Clinton 58, Sanders 38                                        Clinton +20
Ohio Democratic Presidential Primary CBS News/YouGov Clinton 52, Sanders 43                                       Clinton +9
Illinois Democratic Presidential Primary NBC/WSJ/Marist Clinton 51, Sanders 45                                    Clinton +6
Illinois Democratic Presidential Primary CBS News/YouGov Clinton 46, Sanders 48                                   Sanders +2
North Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary High Point University Clinton 58, Sanders 34               Clinton +24
Missouri Democratic Presidential Primary Fort Hays St. University Clinton 47, Sanders 40                     Clinton +7
Maryland Democratic Presidential Primary Baltimore Sun Clinton 61, Sanders 28                                     Clinton +33
March 8th 2016

Good news for the Hillary supporters!

Hillary Clinton continues to build on her delegate lead going into Tuesday night’s election contests in Mississippi and Michigan.

Mrs. Clinton has now 1,134 delegates after picking up a few more endorsements from superdelegates in Michigan, the party leaders who can support any candidate they wish. Sanders has 499.

Clinton’s number is roughly half the amount she needs to clinch the Democratic nomination for president. She’s been able to sustain her lead to date with superdelegate help as well as big wins in the South such as Louisiana.

Great Job!

March 6th 2016

I love these! You have to give her props for trying.

March 5th 2016
I know this has been on the internet for awhile but its still gross and odd. How did it magically appear? Thank you Nick Robinson for the great Vine!

March 2nd 2016

I want to send out a big congrats to Hillary Clinton on her decisive win over Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday! Racking up 8 wins if you include American Samoa she has increased her lead in delegates as she looks towards more Sanders friendly states on the 5th and 15th of March! In my opinion Bernie has made Hillary a sharper more direct candidate and will help her in the General Election. At moment, Hillary has 1034 if you include the Super Delegates and Sanders has 408.

Congrats again Hillary!


February 27th 2016

I do love me some Real Clear Politics: http://www.realclearpolitics.com Take a look at both the Republican and Democratic polls for today.

Alabama Republican Presidential Primary Opinion Savvy Trump 36, Rubio 23, Cruz 16, Carson 11, Kasich 8 Trump +13
Virginia Republican Presidential Primary Roanoke College Trump 38, Rubio 13, Cruz 15, Kasich 8, Carson 8 Trump +23
Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary Roanoke College Clinton 50, Sanders 33 Clinton +17
Massachusetts Republican Presidential Primary WBUR/MassINC Trump 40, Rubio 19, Kasich 19, Cruz 10, Carson 5 Trump +21
Massachusetts Democratic Presidential Primary WBUR/MassINC Sanders 44, Clinton 49 Clinton +5
Florida Republican Presidential Primary PPP (D) Trump 45, Rubio 25, Cruz 10, Bush, Carson 5, Kasich 8 Trump +20
Florida Democratic Presidential Primary PPP (D) Clinton 57, Sanders 32 Clinton +25
Florida Democratic Presidential Primary Quinnipiac Clinton 59, Sanders 33 Clinton +26
Georgia Democratic Presidential Primary WSB-TV/Landmark Clinton 68, Sanders 22 Clinton +46
Michigan Republican Presidential Primary Target Insyght Trump 41, Rubio 17, Cruz 14, Kasich 12, Carson 8 Trump +24
Illinois Republican Presidential Primary WeAskAmerica Trump 38, Rubio 21, Cruz 16, Kasich 9, Carson Trump +17
South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary Emerson Clinton 60, Sanders 37 Clinton +23
South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary Clemson Clinton 64, Sanders 14 Clinton +50

Today is the South Carolina Democratic Primary. Fingers crossed!

February 24th 2016


I just read a interesting article in the Wall Street Journal that Madam Secretary faces hostile sexism on Twitter. Here are the lovely terms: Benghazi, Liar, Indicted, Prison, Hungry, Monica, Unborn, Server, Bitch, FBI, Yelling, Blah, Sucks, Fail, Vagina, Cunt and one of my favorites… Queen.

It seems to me after having a Google news feed that pulls Hillary news I would say 95% of the articles it is negative. This is universally across all forms of media. It’s a shame.  I’m sure it won’t change if she is or isn’t elected President.


February 23rd 2016


I find it funny that Rubio and Cruz can not guarantee their supporters that they will win in their own states, Florida and Texas respectively. This Trumpathon is really walloping the field and honestly, they can thank themselves for that. The career politicians seems so sticky now. No sense of being natural. It’s all forced, unfortunately. As Chris Christie mentioned about Rubio. All robotic. Frightened to say something offensive or politically correct.

I think at this point America wants to become offensive and you can see that with who is ahead in the polls on the Republican side.

February 22nd 2016


Trump loves the polls and if I was him I would too. Take a look at the most recent ones:

Massachusetts Republican Presidential Primary Emerson Trump 50, Rubio 16, Cruz 10, Kasich 13, Carson 2 Trump +34
North Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Elon University Trump 28, Cruz 19, Rubio 16, Carson 10, Kasich 7 Trump +9
Michigan Republican Presidential Primary ARG Trump 35, Cruz 12, Rubio 12, Kasich 17, Carson 9 Trump +18
Nevada Republican Presidential Caucus Gravis Trump 39, Cruz 23, Rubio 19, Kasich 9, Carson 5, Bush 5 Trump +16
Virginia Republican Presidential Primary Christopher Newport Univ. Trump 28, Rubio 22, Cruz 19, Kasich 7, Carson 7, Bush 4 Trump +6
Oklahoma Republican Presidential Primary The Oklahoman Trump 30, Cruz 25, Rubio 21, Carson 6, Bush 5, Kasich 3 Trump +5

If Mr. Ears and Mr. New York Values don’t take control soon we might actually get to see Clinton VS Trump!

How fun would that be!


February 21st 2016

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February 20th 2016


Congrats Hillary! She pulled off another caucus win in Nevada today! On to South Carolina Hillary to swoop up the state!



February 19th 2016

This Hillary ad perfectly sums up why she should be president!