The Asshole of the Day/Week/This Past Year is Raven Symone. Like I mentioned in prior posts I’ve been an avid viewer of “The View” for years. These past two years have been difficult to watch on a daily basis. Last year with the grating and I hate to say it but not too bright Rosie Perez and this year with Raven Symone. At first I was ok with Raven. She seemed funny and had that little bit of edge then it all started to down shift the past month when she turned into an angry, entitled and dumb brat. The useless weekly hair coloring, the snotty looks she gives to Joy and Paula and the complete useless knowledge of anything political.  I can list and list and list but eh it would take me all day. When she said if a Republican is nominated she will move then technically she can move NOW because a Republican will be nominated like a Democrat will be nominated. What a dodo.