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988 Delegates for Bernie to get to Win the Democratic Nomination

I accidentally came across this website and I fell in love with their commentary and political knowledge. It’s called They wrote a great article in regards to what Bernie Sanders needs to cinch the nomination away from Hillary Clinton....
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It’s Always Negative When Hillary Clinton is Mentioned

( Gage Skidmore) I love news. I try and read as much as I can from various formats on the the internet and even on television when I get some time. I’ve noticed that 90% of the coverage when Hillary...
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Polls Polls Polls! Democratic/Republican Primary

I do love me some Real Clear Politics: Take a look at both the Republican and Democratic polls for today. Alabama Republican Presidential Primary Opinion Savvy Trump 36, Rubio 23, Cruz 16, Carson 11, Kasich 8 Trump +13 Virginia Republican Presidential...
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