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It’s Always Negative When Hillary Clinton is Mentioned

( Gage Skidmore) I love news. I try and read as much as I can from various formats on the the internet and even on television when I get some time. I’ve noticed that 90% of the coverage when Hillary...
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Polls Polls Polls! Democratic/Republican Primary

I do love me some Real Clear Politics: Take a look at both the Republican and Democratic polls for today. Alabama Republican Presidential Primary Opinion Savvy Trump 36, Rubio 23, Cruz 16, Carson 11, Kasich 8 Trump +13 Virginia Republican Presidential...
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America Wants to Become Offensive

I find it funny that Rubio and Cruz can not guarantee their supporters that they will win in their own states, Florida and Texas respectively. This Trumpathon is really walloping the field and honestly, they can thank themselves for that....
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