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Liza Minnelli has 3 Months to Live?

(Boss Tweed) I just read this headline from Raderonline. I hope this isn’t true. The article states that she’s gone back to boozing and pain meds but who know if this is true or not. Take a look at the...
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Always Hilarious Liza Minnelli on Larry King!

I recently found this hilarious Youtube Clip when Larry King was interviewing Liza Minnelli. Since it is her birthday week why not include this clip. It’s funny as hell and you have to love her smokers laugh and giggles. Enjoy!...
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Happy 70th Birthday Liza Minnelli

(The Heart Truth) I’m sure most of the generation under 25 has no clue who she is or if they do it’s the woman with vertigo on Arrested Development. Yet, for the gays older than 30 she’s one of those...
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