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Don’t mind my horrible photography. I get embarrassed when I take pictures while I’m eating, especially at a property like Vandal! I know every annoying Wall Streeter and the woman who fawn are constantly on their phone but I think as I get older it gets even worse.

Anyhow, I “dined” at Vandal. It’s not really dining per se more like eating at a lounge but I have to say the food was pretty stellar. Lets start with the food. In my heart, I’m a fatty and on most occasions I prefer few plates and larger quantities of food. With Vandal it’s the complete opposite and it’s all about sharing those “small” plates.

It’s cool.

Instead of going through every plate (10 or so) I will give the foot note version of my two favorite plates. The “Pressed Hot Pretzel” and the “Heaven Spot Burger.” I know the above picture of a crab in some breadcrumbs isn’t mentioned but trust me that was yumy too. I was enjoying my food I forgot to take a pic of the other two. The pretzel was such an interesting choice and quite reminiscent of a New York pretzel. I think I liked this out of tradition and homage to New York. The burgers were awesome. They are actually sliders but that’s just semantics. Tasty. Juicy. Flavorful. Messy. It’s what they should be.

The atmosphere is exactly what it should be for the area. It’s very slick without being obnoxious. I can’t wait to check it out in the Spring and Summer when their patio is open and you can have a drink as the methadone patients walk by as you are in the Bowery. Leave it to Strategic Group to gentrify the neighborhood!

Overall, I loved it and can’t wait to go back again.